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If you would like to share more “whois” details on Forexmanagedreviews with us, please contact us! If you are Forexmanagedreviews owner and would like to increase privacy protection level for your data – please, deal with ENOM INC. Discussion in ‘Has anyone heard of? A managed investment that lets people sign up for their own accounts at regulated brokers. That alone is a BIG step up from a couple of other managed services that I’ve been writing about lately.

I would want to see a longer history to back up the claimed performance on their site. The site was first registered in October 2012. Claimed performance on the site goes back to January 2011. There’s no physical address on the website and the registration is private. I’d like to see the exact terms of the LPOA.

I’d also like to see a list of the brokers they work with. This one has a few caution flags. If Blue Sea is willing to be a little more open about a few things, they could erase some of those. They say that are located in Australia. UK FXCM LTD – Limited Power of Attorney – signed.

That covers a number of the questions. I still recommend that you ask to see a statement from a live account that’s been traded by them for a bare minimum of 6 months. This will let you check and see if those SL numbers match up to the claimed amount risked as well as let you see proof of how profitable this is over time. I’d also want a physical address for the company.

If they are in Australia, I’d want to know their ASIC registration number. If they don’t have one, I suggest checking with ASIC to see if managing accounts without one is legal for an Australian company. If still no answer, send again. If they ignore you a second time, then it’s time to walk away from this one. Blue Sea Forex Managed Accounts do not bother with investing with these people. I understood there was a forty percent cut off when they would stop trading the account.