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Taking control of your future may also require some significant changes. Retirement abroad in a year-round warm climate with lower cost of living sounds attractive, doesn’t it? 2019, even with limited resources, if you live part or all of your time in Southeast Asia. Apart from the warmth and hospitality of most Asian people, especially an Asian partner, how about Asian cuisine? Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian and Indian delicacies as well as ‘fusion’ dishes are probably among your favorites already. If you cannot live well on what you earn, then live where you spend less! You could move to a country where your money buys more and you can live cheaper and better in 2019 and thereafter!

The best places to retire early, retire younger, no matter whether you are young and single, middle-aged or retired already, are in the tropics of Southeast Asia. Get out of the rat race, save money or earn more. Enjoy a new lifestyle, make local contacts and perhaps begin a friendship with an Asian before you visit in person. Are you satisfied with the way things are? Perhaps you are unhappy or just bored with your present existence that you call ‘life’? Are you suffering from the loss of a long-time partner? Life for middle-aged or senior singles often isn’t much fun.

Maybe now is the right time to love again. Even if you’re young it’s so easy to fall into a financial trap, with all the worry, stress and increasing pressure of trying to keep up with payments of every description. Are you already working two jobs or overtime to pay bills and taxes? There are many other sources of extra income to consider. Whether or not it’s global warming or natural climate change, much of North America and Europe suffer unpleasantly long, cold, miserable winters. Most of Southeast Asia has no ‘real’ winter.

Are you suffering or expecting another awful winter in your home country? London, New York or San Francisco! Are your plans still ‘on track’ in spite of the continuing indecisions in the markets? Will your pension or retirement plan provide enough? These are valid concerns for most of us. Will you have to sell your house to survive, or will it be taken from you?