Forex auto money game

Download my ebook and learn my powerful Money Management System within an hour! I have something very exciting and powerful to share with you! It all started at a roulette table in Las Vegas 18 years ago. And you certainly don’t need to risk a lot to make a lot either! We all know the power of compounding your profits, but you’ve never seen it used like this before!

In fact, I’ll show you how to trade in opposite directions simultaneously and still make a great profit by applying a simple position-sizing system that minimizes losses on the losing side and super-compounds profits on the winning side! You can download these robots and others in the Member’s area but FIRST you need to learn the system. It’s actually very simple but you should understand it before using the trading robots. However, you don’t need my trading robots to use this system. It can be applied manually to any discretionary trading system for FOREX, Binary Options, Stocks, Commodities, and YES, even casino games. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Awesome six months, I love the bots!

Just to let you know that all is fine with the GBPJPY robots so far what a great run it has been in the past 2 months. I am very happy with this. I’m very happy with the performance of your 15 min robot. Just wanted to thank you for the 2,234 pips that I managed to bag since I connected your GBPJPY robots from Sept 9. I wanted to convey my gratitude now, before Sep 23. USD trade was a manual trade I opened by accident. I switched to fixed lots at the end of January so I could withdraw profits whenever I wanted.

I know I missed a lot of pips. I just wanted to say thanks again and give you an update. JPY 15-Min Trend-Following Robot, which is featured in the video further below. The wavy equity curve is caused by the cycles in my money management system. I really dislike bots but did it of advice from another trader. I must say I liked the philosophy behind what you do and made the plunge.

I’ve actually only used it a few days but it’s been excellent! I tend to move my SL’s manually anyway but receiving advice and updates via emails is a surprise and impressive! I use a very small account because I’m trading futures in another account but if this stays profitable I will increase my stake. Thanks again for a great service!

This is a first for me – the first trades ever taken by a bot that were winners for me. I’ve tried prolly 30 different ones and they always lose right of the bat and usually never recoup. May it continue to be so. Oh no, here comes another 250 pip stop. But, credit to your tighter profit target of 100p, the trade closed with a win. I’m very happy with my Roulette robot purchase. I think you do a wonderful job for your customers.