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Stocks Going Sideways, Flat Correction or Some Topping Pattern? Is the Stock Market Ever Going to Pullback? How Many Minutes to Midnight Before We Act? Will Fed’s Dovish Shift Support Gold? When Can A Payday Loan Make Sense?

There are times when keeping an eye on the markets is as exciting as watching paint dry. Then, there are times when great leaps literally happen faster than you can blink. You be the judge as to whether the former or the latter better applies to the euro and Australian dollar right now. Book – The Alternative Solution to Bitcoin!

Oh dear, it’s not looking good for the Bitcoin crowd. 6,651, they were hoping the damage was done. They’d expected the buyers to rush in and hoover up Bitcoins and any other cryptos at knockdown prices and send the price screaming higher. Recent concerns about peso’s depreciation have been exaggerated. In the most dangerous international environment since the postwar era, there is no room for complacency, however. Asia’s ugly duckling of 2017 is the peso, thanks to Duterte. College football teams are broadly ranked by their strength so that a contest between teams may be both interesting to watch and be seen as fair.

Accordingly, teams ranked being in Division One, only play other teams in the same division. In the Olympics, where fairness and sportsmanship are elevated, boxers, wrestlers, and weightlifters compete in their own specific weight class. Currency wars usually are clandestine, and information regarding their operations are usually difficult or impossible to confirm. As a result, anyone trying analyze or get information on such activities will quickly be stymied. However, one can infer from important market price information evidence related to currency wars.

Bitcoin and the technology boom of 1990’s have so much in common, you would think they are twins! The chart below shows how similar each story is. Mr Market knows this, therefore the desire to enter this market is low, and lower prices will plaque Bitcoin for the next 18 months at least. If Bitcoin bulls got excited about the recent move up, Thursday’s action extinguished some of this excitement.

But it doesn’t come as a surprise to our readers. This one day of strong depreciation can be seen as an indication of things to come. Bitcoin remains on the fringe of the financial system. In another blow to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, BIS warned investors and traders that they could lose money on privately minted cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. In this updated article and video below, we will follow up our view on Japanese Yen outlook in 2019.

Will Yen Continue to Outperform in 2019? In the article, we said that Japanese Yen can continue to strengthen against other major currency pairs in 2019. In that article, we presented two daily technical charts below to backup our thesis: GBPJPY and CADJPY. Some time has passed since I wrote a more lengthy article, but not nearly as long a time as this gruelling bear market in cryptos – now 12 months long, and counting.

So, in this article I’d like to rewind the clock a bit. When we first saw our bull market top in cryptos, I did not fully expect a long bear market such as we’ve seen. 4700 zone would be visited again, I did not think it would take this long. What are Stablecoins, Stable Coins or Stable Tokens about? It is no secret that the crypto market has taken a serious hit this year in terms of the decline of crypto prices across the board – although fundamentally the crypto market is stronger than ever before, measured by the number of crypto projects that have made great progress in terms of product development, etc. Will Japanese Yen Continue to Outperform in 2019? Care to guess what is the best performing major currency in 2018?