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So I still have ways to go. 100 I’m sure, with my guidance, you can get there too. She worked as a receptionist at the prop trading firm I trade for, not making much of a salary during the days while guys like me inside were racking up thousands in profits per day. 100 every night before going to bed.

Within the next 6 months, I expect her to double that. Within 12 months, I expect her to hand in her resignation. An NYC taxi driver who, more often than enough, conveniently placed himself outside the offices after 4pm every day when he knows the trading day is over. The first time he picked me up to drop me at Penn Station, he badgered me with questions about my profession. As a new immigrant, he was still trying to find his way to the American dream.

And so when I told him what I did, he was there every day after work to continue the conversation where we left off the day before. Needless to say, Rahish was a master persuader who convinced me to, like Kim, teach him how to make money. I told him Bruce Kovner, the legendary hedge fund manager who now rakes in billions per year, was a former NYC cab driver. Why do you want to be a trader?

The answers were varied: They ranged from “I want to impress my mother-in-law” to “to make people think I’m smart. I can’t remember all of them right now. But, according to Larry, they were all BS answers that cost them a missed opportunity. To the tune of billions of dollars every year. And my guess is you’re reading this letter because you want to make BIG money trading FX else you wouldn’t be here.

The good thing is I can help you. This is not the next flavor of the month. This has been working for years gone by and it will work far into the future. Only a few robots out there work! Even Warren Buffet, the world’s billionaire investor, loses money every now and again. You will NOT get it right every time.

See the complicated indicators and systems most “experts” stress that you need use to trade? My style of trading is S-I-M-P-L-E. So simple that when I showed it to Rahish, he could hardly believe it. Possibly because what little exposure he had to how forex should be traded was what he saw on the late-night informercials that showed images of computer screens with a million and one lines running across them. If you buy one of those courses, it wouldn’t be long before you’re offered back-end products and services to gouge your pockets! So, if you are just starting out, wonderful!