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We have discovered a malware that steals customer information. Security Device is unique and tagged to your User ID. Security Device unattended and always keep it under lock and key when not in use. Security Device PIN regularly by pressing and holding the red for more than two seconds. Visit the DBS Security website for more information including the latest news and tips to help enhance your online banking security. How do I perform basic account management tasks?

This letter must be signed by authorised company signatories. I do not want this and I do not want to pay postage to send this back. I will never order from Publishers Clearing House again if I am going to be sent packages that I did not order. PCH Lotto Scratch Off – matched and did not win! Last month, I entered their sweepstakes with no order enclosed. I have entered their sweepstakes before and have never placed any orders from them, but never encountered any problems.