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Enjoy Free BONUS Forex Trend Finder 3. Dr Zain Agha Systems Z-WINNER and Secret Bankers Manual comes with bonus! Most bloggers don’t have a clue what their website color scheme might be associated with. But as an online entrepreneur and consultant I felt that I needed to know at least the theoretical part . So being happy to enjoy a few days of free time during the holidays I did some research and got so excited with it that decided to share it here at my blog.

Color is a crucial element of a brand identity. Website color scheme can make me to leave immediately or to stay for a minute if it looks appealing. Color evokes positive associations and thus forms my initial opinion of the brand. To me color perception is very individual.

Whenever I see a blue thingy, I am going to like it. It’s rather the integral part of my personality. You might also want to try this quiz and post here if what you got really matched your personality. Internet has got much brighter recently . What is the color of social networks? Maybe the palette of all known colors! What is more important is to be consistent and original in colorizing your brand.