How to beat the odds in currency trading

YOU can do the same with nothing but a laptop and some risk capital. I don’t do meetings, I don’t speak to anyone I don’t want to, I have no red tape or have to deal with bureaucrats and I don’t have to do business with people if I don’t like them. From the outside you may say I am a social and academic drop out, yet my average earnings are very substantial and made me a multi-millionaire. Regardless of whether the market is booming or crashing I have made money. I’m a self-made multi-millionaire trader that teaches – not a teacher that pretends to trade on the side. There is no one else I know of that does this. Learn the rules that have made me a multi-millionaire and more importantly have allowed me to keep and grow my wealth and stay SANE!

In the last 31 years I’ve seen plenty of people come and go, I’ve seen trading systems make spectacular gains, only to blow up. I’ve even seen hedge funds managers that were Gods with the best offices in Mayfair London, only to be closed down a few years later. Do you know what it feels like to pick up the phone and have a private jet ready within a few hours and go wherever you like and even bring your dog in the cabin with you if you want? Having money knowing that you can afford the best medical care for you and your family is very important to me. The NHS does a great job but we all know it’s under pressure. On the other hand, if you have the financial resources you simply go to the top of the list.