Mmorpg currency trading sites

To avoid scrutiny of taxing authorities, the providers must take concrete actions to demonstrate the valuelessness of their game currency. Those sites will direct you to places to transact in that grey market. Note that if you are caught, your account may be revoked and your treasure destroyed, since the MMORPG providers have a keen interest in squashing those markets. Is this answer still relevant and up to date?

How is real-world trading detected in MMORPGs? Is selling MMORPG game gold for real currency legal in india? MMORPGs: How profitable is selling accounts on World of Warcraft? Is there any MMORPG in which the game company sells gold? Has anyone ever thought of selling items from Wow for real money rather than gold?

How much real money is created in the MMORPG, Runescape? Where can I sell my gold? Should I sell the gold I have and invest that money in gold bonds? How can I sell my gold dust?

Can I make money with gold online? Gold bars are available for selling. How do I get real buyers for my gold bars? Where can I sell gold in Pakistan? What can I sell to make money?

Where should I sell my OSRS gold? Should I buy or sell gold? How can I sell my raw gold? Where can I sell gold in Mumbai? It looks like you’re new here.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! EDIT: Sorry I wasn’t very specific. This thread is about games that allow you to sell in-game items and currency for money. A lot of games have PLEX systems. PREFACE 1: This topic is NOT about your opinion on such games positive or negative. Please read the OP before posting.

This is about games that allow it in some form or another. EULA violations how it was implemented in those games. ENTROPIA UNIVERSE – This game is like the poster child of RMT games. I found it’s implementation very interesting but flawed. Real world currency is used to buy the ingame currency. Then almost everything you do in-game costs currency. For instance hunting costs ammo and unless you get pretty lucky or have a very good character you are likely to lose more in ammo then you get in loot.

It’s like a virtual slot machine with the odds getting slightly better as you level your character. The upside that I did like about this game is has no monthly premium. When you get back you’ve lost nothing and pick up where you left off. That at least, I found pretty cool.