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Well the equity brokers don’t like that. They’ve made it easy to invest in equity wherever you live. They have setup offices all over and even banks offer demat services. Just as residents of India are free to apply at any time, the procedure changes a little for NRIs. Investing in mutual funds through Power of Attorney For an NRI to invest in India, he or she should open an NRO or NRE account with a bank in India.

The transaction currency is Indian Rupee. It is due to regulations and the limitation that the fund houses have in bringing onboard non-resident investors. The scenario is for Indian mutual fund schemes. It is mandatory for the fund manager to register with the regulatory if they are handling more than the capped accounts.

For example, the Dodd-Frank Act of the USA insists that fund managers register with the US regulators and follow the rules when the account handling is more than 15. Simple steps allow NRIs to invest a significant amount in the stock market and mutual funds. Although most people invest in property, considering the stock markets is a healthy option. Both shares and the mutual funds have a high yield in comparison to real estate. 10 Lakhs in real estate for a period of 10 years. At the end of the tenure, the value of the asset reaches Rs.

10 Lakhs in equity funds for ten years. 1 Crore at the end of the tenure period. NRIs can invest in India using the local currency, India Rupee. Indian mutual funds do not accept foreign currency for transactions.